30 HRT (Herrett Rimless Tactical) Cartridge Drawing

30 HRT Cartridge Drawing

The 30 HRT is a very simple wildcat based on the 6.8 Remington SPC and 30 Herrett.
For all the people that wondered why 6.8 SPC was a 27 caliber instead of a 30, this is your cartridge.
If you want something with more oomph than a 300x221, this is the answer.
30 HRT is easily formed by full length sizing 6.8 SPC brass in a 30 Herrett die.
Then you simply load using 30 Herret dies.
It is not available in featherweight or lightweight barrel profiles.
30 HRT uses 6.8 SPC magazines available from PRI.
30 HRT uses a 6.8 SPC sized bolt head.
Marty at Teppo Jutsu came up with this great idea.

30 HRT family

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