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An email I received:


Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2003 8:09 PM
Subject FYI scan of 300 whisper group


Here you go, here's a decent group for the 300 Whisper.  I'm using a 10x Tasco Super Sniper at 100 yards.  Temp. was 58 degrees today.


Here is a Krieger 24" Fluted Semi-Bull profiled stainless barrel with Duracoat painted flutes.

Another email:

Sent: June 29, 2005 10:32 AM
Subject: WOW!
Randall, just got back from Idaho spending the weekend blowing up rockchucks and squirrels.  That .204 Ruger is beyond description.  Sub two inch groups at 257 yards were commonplace -- a real tack-driver!


I was finally able to go to the range with my 6.8 upper to zero the sights. Target on left was my first attempt, I got too excited after the first two and threw the third. So I tried again with Fight4YourRights not telling me anything this time. That center disk is 1" in diameter. Ammo was SSA's 115gr TMJ, Barrel is a 16" 6.8 SPC range was 50yards, optic was a 3x Compact ACOG using a stock trigger.

(Yes the group on the right is a 3 shot group).

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